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Testing new business ideas?

Testing new ideas to see how sustainable they are is a good start for any business.

In testing new business ideas we will use the new methodology as developed by Strategyzer, as we do in business model innovation and value proposition design.

As one of the few parties in The Netherlands we are able to support you in business model innovation, business model generation and value proposition design.

Strategyzer has now developed a new methodology specifically to test new business ideas, incorporating the business model canvas, the value proposition canvas and more tools of Strategyzer. The new methodology is facilitating the development of your start in testing business ideas, the boosting of your testing skills and also to scale the testing in your organisation. In our view it is an ideal approach for corporate innovators, startup entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to drive effective innovation processes along an efficient path, from a good idea to a validated business.

Want to join, as we do, in exclusive training events on testing business ideas? Please follow the link below for more information or send us an email on info@crossings-advisory.nl :


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