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Are you looking for an independent business valuation? Our Certified Valuation Analysts can provide objective and, if needed, anonymous valuations. During this process, we uncover a company's foundations and examine every factor that affects its value. Crossings Advisory is a member in good standing of the Dutch Institute of Registered Valuators ( and of the European Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts ( and can, if needed, provide support during litigation.

Making better decisions when guided by independent valuation

We offer independent insight in value and can provide you with a transparent overview of various factors that determine company value. Knowledge of these fundamentals will enable you to make better decisions.

Company valuations for takeovers and other purposes: discounted cash flow method (DCF method)

Determining and evaluating past performance of your company is a critical factor in the valuation process. Additionally, long term trends (in for instance free cash flow, as analysed in using the DCF method, as one of the valuation techniques) compared to your competitors will provide important input for an objective valuation.


Determining the value of your company; valuation will provide insight towards increasing value

A valuation report does not only provide insight when buying or selling a company or in case of a dispute, but it also offers pointers on how you can increase profit and your company's value.

Our focus areas in Valuation:

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"Understanding a company's past is essential to forecasting its future"

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