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"Challenge is the pathway to engagement and progress in our lives."

Quick analysis of and gaining insight in the actual situation, providing and inventory of options and implementation of the best solution is our forte. We usually map out the total, legal and economic, implications of the situation that has arisen, and then discuss with you the various options for the best approach. We can negotiate on your behalf to safeguard your interests or prepare appropriate compensation if necessary. We offer expert, independent and decisive support in special circumstances or assist you when your interests are at stake. A professional negotiator or mediator can make the difference for you.

In a preliminary interview we can go over your specific situation and evaluate various options.

It is possible for your company to suddenly find itself in a special circumstances. You may have conflict at management or shareholder level or encounter a lack of financial and management information, rapidly changing market conditions, departure of key staff members or termination of important agreements. Situations like this require creative, made-to-measure solutions that minimize risk for your company and its stakeholders.



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