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Hospitality sector looking for growth in Europe: Growth


Growing from 3 location in The Netherlands to 50 locations and 4,000 employees in Western Europe. How do you pull that off?


In consultation with the company management, we generated a multi-year action plan and mapped out a new organization, creating profiles for various positions that needed to be filled. 

| Strategy | Organisational Design | Financial Scenarios | Growing | Job Profiles

Tech startup: Growth strategy

Seizing opportunities in healthcare? How do you do that?

A market scan showed great opportunities for a high-tech company. We drafted a business plan and consulted on arranging the right kind of financing to get the ball rolling. 

| Market Scan | Business Planning | Financing | Growth Strategy

Service Provider looks to the future: Business model innovation


A commercial service provider noticed a a decrease in revenue and needed to stem the tide. How does one go about that?

Based on a business model canvas, we defined a new business model that was geared towards the future and distinctive.

| Market Scan | Business Model  Canvas | Value Proposition Canvas | Business Planning | Scenario Analysis

Recycling company looks for a new role in the chain: Strategy


The company's position in the value chain is changing. How do you deal with that?

In collaboration with company management, we explored strategic opportunities and made clear choices.

Partnership accelerated the transformation process. 

| Strategy | Mergers & Acquisitions | Business Purchase

Starting a new company: Business Planning

Starting a new company is not simple. 

We provided support to the entrepreneur, from drafting a business plan up to and including identification of financing options. The objective was securing a position in an existing market.

| Financing | Business Planning | Scenario Analysis and investment decisions

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Fusies & Overnames

Disposing a part of your operations: carve-out

Alarge transportation 

company wants to dispose a part of its operations. How do you handle that?

Upon determining the scope and requisite service levels, we identified and approached candidates for a take-over. We played a key role in the transfer and management of the carve-out process.

| Mergers and Acquisitions | Carve out | Business Transfer | Market Scan | Plan of Attack

Sale of Wholesales and Producer: Sale without succession 


Succession by familie was not in the cards: Wat to do?

By conducting a market scan, we looked for buyers that were interested in a buy and build strategy. We coordinated and completed the transaction.

| Strategy | Mergers and Acquisitions | Selling a company | Financial Analysis 

| Benchmarking

Owners of installation company wish to continue: Sale


The market for installation techniques is quite dynamic. Based on a market scan, the decision was made to sell the company. 

We identified an interested party among a range of players, who offered the company a new lease on life.

| Strategy | Mergers and Acquisitions | Business Transfer | Plan of Attack

Media Company seeks partnership with corporate: Sale


A serial entrepreneur is looking for a strategic buyer for one of his companies. How do you approach this?

A large corporation was approached for a partnership. We guided the entrepreneur through the process from beginning to conclusion.

| Sales Strategy | Merger and Acquisitions | Business Transfer | Market Scan

Retail chain seeks strategic buyer: Sale


A retail chain was looking for a strategic buyer. How do you go about finding same?

After conducting a scan of potential buyers, we created a target list and guided the owners through the entire process.

| Mergers and Acquisitionsusies

| Business | Marktscan

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Parts company searches for buyer: Restructuring and Divestiture


Improving productivity and profit margin at a machine shop within a year to prepare the company for sale. How do you tackle this?

Tidying up the customer base, reducing cost and optimising the internal structure were important precursors for a successful sale. 

| Divestiture | Restructuring | Pareto Analysis | Order Processing Unit | Aligning production and sales 

Merging retail chains encounters headwinds: Restructuring and Divestiture

The integration of retail chains is bogged down. How do you get things moving again?

First things first. A focus on the individual chains brought new light at the end of the tunnel. A newly hired management team subsequently completed the process.

| Corporate Restructuring

| Divestiture | Handover

| Recruitment 

Oral care clinic looking for scale and collaboration


How would an oral care clinic optimise its chances for growth in a fragmented market?


A pragmatic scan of market conditions showed tremendous opportunity for this company, which allowed the clinic to launch a targeted campaign.

| Strategy | Mergers and Acquisitions | Business Transfer | Market Scan | Plan of Approach

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Transformation of 

service provider: Merger

An advocacy group is losing members and therefore part of its revenue. How do you turn this situation around?

Reducing cost and merging with another fast-growing organization turned out to be the solution. We guided the merger process from start to end.

| Recovery |  Transformation 

| Mergers and acquisitions | 

Restructuring a chemical producer: preparing for sale


A Teflon company struggles with heavy losses. Why was this happening? How do you solve this?

Checking out the competition and benchmarking provided us useful insight in the root causes. Selling the company to a larger player was chosen as the best way out.

| Strategy | Recovery | Selling a company | Financial 

Analysis | Benchmarking

Business Valuation


Disagreement in a start-up: Fairness opinion


I'm being restructured out of a start-up. As a departing minority shareholder, what 

can I expect in terms of compensation.


Offers were considered based on fairness and in subsequent negotiations, we helped achieve an optimal outcome. Acting as an intermediary, we supported the minority shareholder in this stressful process.

| Start-up | Share transfer | Valuation in disputes | Fairness Opinion

An accident resulted in damages: valuation of economic damage


As a result of an accident, your company's future is in jeopardy. What would be realistic in terms of compensation?

We carefully studied the scenario-without-accident and compared this to the actual post-accident situation. We determined the compensation amount based on this analysis.

| Valuation of economic damage | Determining economic loss

Succession in an industrial company: Independent Valuation

Our children wish to take over the company. What would be a fair valuation for a top 100 company in the manufacturing industry?

We arrived at a valuation based on a forecast provided by management (adjusted present value method, discounted cash flow method) and got it approved by tax authorities.

| Valuation in transactions | Financial Analysis | Market Scan | Succession

Buying out minority 

industry shareholder: Valuation in disputes

Is the bid for my shares fair? Are the conditions appropriate?

We assessed the letter of offer based on our valuation. Subsequent negotiations let to a better outcome for the minority shareholder, whom we supported in this difficult process.

| Valuation in Disputes | Financial Scenarios

Buying a business service provider: valuations in transactions

Should we buy this company? At what price?

A market scan provided excellent insight in important market developments. A target list with take-over candidates was generated and one of these was assessed (adjusted present value method, discounted cashflow method)

| Valuation in transactions | Financial Analysis | Market Scan

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