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Insolvent, yet avoid curator intervention?  

Maybe what you need the most at this moment is a sounding board. We can be just that. However, if bolder measures are needed, we will be ready to offer the support you need, whether it concerns liquidity projections, debt restructuring, conflict management, company restructuring or a full recovery plan. We can do this outside of regular business hours. In a preliminary interview, we can go over various options to improve your earnings or avoid possible bankruptcy.

Our focus areas in Restructuring:

When your company's continuity is under threat, you want to be able to intervene fast, focused and boldly. Financiers, insurers, the internal revenue service, shareholders, lenders and unions can suddenly require a lot of attention. Under such circumstances, we can help you continue operating as closely to normal as possible and avoid bankruptcy.

"Recovery begins from the darkest moment"


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