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Business valuation in disputes: specific expertise required for the certified valuator!

Business valuation in disputes - Crossings Advisory

Today our partner Harry Bruintjes took part in an illuminating expert session on business valuation in dispute situations, organized by the Dutch Institute for Register Valuators (NiRV). The session was facilitated by our current chairman Marius van Prooijen - Schot and former chairman Peter den Hertog , both experienced Registered Valuators who shared their many insights into the nuances and specific requirements of carrying out valuations in dispute situations.

The most important message to the group of Registered Valuators : "specific expertise required!" in valuation contexts such as divorces, shareholder disputes, damage claims and post-deal disputes in takeovers. The session emphasized the importance of expertise and accuracy in valuations, especially in disputes.

The main topics discussed were:

  • Order confirmation: The importance of clear agreements and expectations in advance;

  • Assignment Execution and Communication: The procedure and effective and transparent communication throughout the process;

  • Reporting: Preparing detailed and understandable reports that can withstand legal and financial supervision, interim reporting, draft reports with response rounds;

  • What if it "gets a tail?"; legal complications, disciplinary law NIRV, Civil law and liability.

The interactive discussions and practical insights provided valuable knowledge for anyone involved in valuations in complex and critical situations.

A big thank you to NiRV and the speakers for organizing such a valuable session. I look forward to applying these insights and continuing the conversation with fellow professionals.

Would you like to know more about what appreciation means in your specific situation? Please contact us without obligation via or on +31 (0)85 200 6244.


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