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Crossings Business Search: 'Our client is looking to acquire legal services'

Our client is looking for an acquisition of a business rooted in the legal sector with a spotlight on labor law. This compact firm (from 1 entrepreneurial lawyer up to around 50 FTE) enjoys a stable revenue stream but is eyeing expansion that calls for fresh capital. With a seasoned team skilled in navigating employment disputes and labor compliance, it's carved out a name for itself regionally, and now looks to push into the national arena. The firm serves an assorted clientele and prioritises personalised attention, but to contend with larger establishments, it's aiming to bolster its brand presence.

Growth is on the agenda, with aspirations to lure in bigger corporate clients and branch out into new territories. This growth trajectory includes courting strategic partnerships and securing investors who get the nuances of the legal field. Internally, there’s a drive to attract top legal minds to enrich the team and a commitment to a collaborative culture steeped in ethical practice.

The management is bent on embracing tech to sharpen efficiency and service quality. Financially sound, the firm's future involves amplifying its profits through calculated investments and expansion. In essence, the firm is poised for a leap forward, marrying traditional legal acumen with innovation and strategic collaborations, looking for a strong partner

For more information you can reach us on, or call Harry Bruintjes on +31 (0)85 200 6244 to learn more.


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