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Crossings Business Search: 'Our client is looking to acquire HRM services'

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Our client is looking for a small HRM firm in the Netherlands to acquire. This company is doing okay with steady income but needs a strategic partner to grow. It's got a team of 5 to 50 people, mostly based in one spot, and they offer a portfolio of HR services like recruitment and selection, career guidance, employee mobility, training, development and coaching staff, performance management, compensation and benefits, employee relations, HR policies and compliance, employee engagement and community, reintegration, HR change management, and/or interim management. They're good at what they do for certain industries but haven't made a name for themselves elsewhere.

The company's got a reliable but small customer base and is a known name locally but likely hasn't made much of an impact across the country or internationally. Money's tight for big moves, and they could do with better tech to make their work smoother and smarter.

They want to add more services and break into new markets, hoping to blend in better tech along the way. They're open to teaming up with others to get into new areas and are on the lookout for top people in HR to join them and help them grow.

Bigger companies might want to buy them out, or they might just need a cash boost from investors to get to where they want to be. They care a lot about their staff and doing things right, so any new partners have got to value that too.

The management knows where they want to go but might need more hands on deck to get there. They've always been careful with money, which means they're not rich but they're not in debt either. To really get bigger, they'll need to spend some money on better gear and systems.

For more information you can reach us on, or call Harry Bruintjes on +31 (0)85 200 6244 to learn more.


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